Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Surreal Paintings

Add a sense of wonder to your walls with art by Californian artist Larissa Shen. From the bizarre to the serene, I draw inspiration from just about anything. Inspiration can come from music, a movie, or even something as simple as light coming through a window.

My father once told me that if I had a talent I should share it with others. Art is my passion and I have attended prestigious art schools such as Montecito Fine Arts, Pasadena Art School, and Foothill Creative Arts Group.


Gallery SOHO May Monthly Exhibit 

May 6- June 3

HillCrest Gallery Show

May. 5 - June 24

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Hello! Welcome to my online gallery. I'm so glad you could join us here today.  Feel free to look around and ask any questions that come to mind. Don't forget to watch for updates on what I'm doing next and special deals. (Updates weekly.) I hope to see you at one of my shows!

From the Artist...
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